There are many aspects of running a small business that may require you to hire a lawyer to obtain legal advice.

These include:

  • understanding, negotiating and developing business contracts
  • reviewing and negotiating a lease for business premises
  • determining your business structure
  • buying or selling a business
  • dealing with disputes or disagreements.

Good legal advice can help you protect your business interests and comply with legal obligations.

To ensure you get the best advice and representation, select a lawyer that:

  • has experience and expertise in dealing with your legal issue
  • can communicate clearly using simple language
  • is easily accessible
  • you feel comfortable with
  • charges fees that are reasonable and acceptable to you.

Pro bono (free) or low cost legal support may be available for businesses that meet strict eligibility criteria and are unable to afford full cost legal advice. The John Curtin Law Clinic, part of Curtin University’s Law School, provides free legal advice and assistance. It is prepared by final-year law students and reviewed by qualified and experienced legal practitioners. Details of other free and low cost service providers are available from the Law Society of WA.

Your time with a free or low cost legal service will be limited. We suggest you contact us first, so we can help you to prepare for your appointment and gain the most benefit.

Visit the Law Society of WA website to find a lawyer.

Action to take

Read our guide: Choosing a lawyer for more information and practical tips to help you.